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Review of Ex-mas by Kate Brian

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I was looking for a fun, quick Christmas read so I picked up Ex-mas by Kate Brian.  I'm trying to catch up to my Goodreads goal and figured that shorter books are the best way to make it.  Overall, this book was cute.  The main character, Lila was a bit annoying at the beginning, but she turned out to be okay in the end.  What bothered me about her was that she was a very fake person; completely changing herself to fit in with the popular crowd and to date her College boyfriend Erik.  But, just spending one day with her ex, Beau, makes her realize that maybe she's not really liking her life like she thought she was.  It's pretty predictable, but that didn't take away the fun of reading of it.  I gave this 3/5 stars on Goodreads.  If you're looking for a last minute Christmas book, I recommend this one.  
For other great Christmas/Holiday books, I recommend My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories and Let it Snow.  I read these last year and both are great!  If anyone knows of any other great Holiday reads, let me know!
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